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Now in its 7th year, the 2019 Kew Garden’s winter trail takes a magical new route and includes a host of all-new installations including EFS’s temporary event flooring, Temp-A-Path! For the first time, EFS has been commissioned by Kew Gardens to provide the pedestrian flooring for the very special event.

Framed by glittering spiral trees, dynamic laser projections will illuminate the iconic Temperate House. A dazzling arch leads to a cascade of glowing silvery shards at the Treetop Walkway. Temp-A-Path will be laid where visitors walk amongst immersive vines as they surprise with changing ribbons of light, and people will wander along the pedestrian walkway beneath the branches where mysterious fairy-fire known as Will-o’the Wisp softly glows. 

1230sqm of Temp-A-Path was installed on Friday 8th November ready for the event which started on Wednesday 20th November. The Temp-A-Path will be used until the sold out event runs until 5th January. Jeremy Simpson, EFS’s Managing Director said: “We were delighted to be asked to work with Kew Gardens on this very special event.  It’s incredible that the event has sold out before the end of November! Our Temp-A-Path will certainly be required, especially given the awful wet weather we’ve been having. Thousands of visitors will be relying on the temporary walkways to get them around the event safely and comfortably and we have every faith that our product will live up to the job over the 6 week period.”

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