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The Society of Independent Show Organizers (SISO), the global association of the for-profit trade and consumer show organisers, has announced that Goodshuffle, PLNIFY, Rebus, Resiada, and Smartxpo have been nominated to present at its seventh annual Event Innovation Battlefield.

The presentations and competition will take place on 15th August 2019 as part of its annual SISO Leadership Conference, being held this year in Detroit from 13th-15th August. The event attracts large and small trade and consumer show organisers who are interested in the latest innovations and best practices to manage the thousands of trade and consumer shows represented by its members. 

“The Event Innovation Battlefield is a great opportunity to see innovation, ideas, talent, and products which are leading-edge,” said David Audrain, executive director of SISO. “It gives our members the ability to see what’s on the drawing boards now that will drive our industry in the future. 

“We can also help incubate, develop and assist in the delivery of products and services to the market. It’s a win-win-win which will advance the event industry.” 

This year the nominating committee chose five out of 50 considered organisations looking for breakthrough event technology or amazing new business models. 

According to David Adler, CEO of BizBash and co-chair of the SISO Event Innovation Battlefield project, “We are excited to present organisations that will stretch the imagination, showcase forward-thinking and encourage our members to raise the bar on innovation. The programme itself is a version of American Idol meets Shark Tank where attendees will vote on their choice for the most innovative of the innovative for 2019.” 

Background on 2019 Nominees 


We’re on a mission to modernise the event rental, production, and design industries. Our goal is to save these companies, and their clients, time and headaches through fast, easy-to-use technology. 


PLNIFY is an event management software and mobile application designed with the busiest event managers in mind. Our software allows event managers to organise and mobilise their teams by streamlining the communication process through a collaborative platform designed for on-the-go use. 

PLNIFY users can update schedules, share itineraries and travel plans, allocate responsibilities, and immediately distribute the most up-to-date information to a select few or the entire team. PLNIFY has served as the platform to manage event logistics for major organisations such as Beyoncé, Jay Z, Usher, Daddy Yankee, Kelly Clarkson, CMN Agency, Tyler Perry-Madea (Farewell Theatre Tour), Chelsea Handler Comedy Tour, Janet Jackson, Pitbull and Marc Anthony. 


Rebus is an AI suggestion engine and payment solution where venues can create and monetise ancillary revenue opportunities based on behavioural data. 

Resiadais focused on the mantra to continuously challenge the status quo. It’s a solutions-focused company that aims to provide the best booking experience available on the market. 

The principal foundation on which Resiada was born is to redefine the room block management experience. Its accomplished this by streamlining the event creation process; providing useful and actionable data for users to make informed decisions; and by offering the potential to generate additional revenue. 

The team understands how hard it can be to manage room blocks and just wants to provide a solution that enables users to work smarter rather than harder; they’re here to help you ‘Rest Easy.’ 


Price optimisation software for the exhibition industry. 

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